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Transdermal Magnesium


What you should know about magnesium


There is no substitute for magnesium in human physiology and no wonder drug that can claim, in the clear, what magnesium chloride can do.

Applying magnesium to the skin is the ideal delivery system because it offers the opportunity to get doses up to the powerful therapeutic range without intestinal discomfort.

Magnesium works locally as well as systemically, bringing new life and energy to the cells whenever it is applied topically.

With Lamp of Life, the natural anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties of magnesium can be concentrated directly on painful and inflamed areas.

“Many people needlessly suffer pain because they don’t get enough magnesium.”

- Dr Mildred Seelig


“Whenever anyone is seriously ill, acute or chronic, part of your plan must be to restore magnesium, which is poorly absorbed through oral means.”    Dr Garry Gordon


Applying transdermal magnesium to the skin is a powerful hydrotherapy that:


· Draws toxins from the tissues

· Relaxes skeletal muscles

· Increases circulation

· Alleviates pain

· Draws inflammation out of the muscles and joints

· Calms the nervous system

· Replenishes the “vital fluid” of the cells


Lamp of Life Transdermal Magnesium can safely be used to treat:


Diabetic neuropathy

Circulation problems

Muscle aches and stiffness


Back pain/Sciatica

Gout and arthritis